Why invest in mutual funds?

An ideal investment alternative

Liquidity, flexibility, transparency and legal certainty

Mutual funds offer almost immediate liquidity and allow the possibility of redeeming part or all of the investment made. This provides great flexibility when planning investment needs, adjusting to each individual’s personal circumstances.

Mutual funds are also characterized by their transparency,

by publishing the Net Asset Value (NAV) on a daily basis, the status of the participant’s investments and periodically reporting on the composition of the fund’s portfolio.

The structure and legal regulations of an investment fund provide guarantees of legal security to the investor. On one hand, the management company is responsible 

for managing the fund’s assets and must comply with the legal investment requirements.

On the other hand, the depositary bank acts as custodian of the assets of the fund. The functions of both the manager and the custodian bank are supervised and 

regulated by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Investing in mutual funds managed by Prisma Asset Management is an investment with no permanence commitments or minimum amounts. Our expert, pioneering investment team has managed Merchbanc’s investment funds since their inception in 1987.

What is it and who can invest?

The mutual funds managed by Prisma are accessible without minimum amounts.

A mutual fund is an open-ended collective investment institution, therefore open to new investors.

Investors who contribute their savings to a fund are called participants. Once the amount of his or her investment has been entered, the investor acquires a number of fund units based on the net asset value of the fund on the date of the transaction and, therefore, owns the corresponding part of the fund.

The net asset value of each fund is calculated by dividing the value of the net assets by the number of units outstanding.

Any individual or legal entity can invest, without minimum amounts, in the mutual funds that Prisma Asset Management manages by delegation.


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Taxation for investment funds

We facilitate your investments

The following information only applies for investors residing in Spain. Please contact your legal advisor.

With regards to Income Tax, investors residing in Spain do not pay tax until reimbursement, 

in which case they pay for the capital gains generated. For the calculation of the capital gains, the FIFO method is applied, in other words, the oldest units are sold first. Individuals can make transfers to other funds at no fiscal cost.

Capital gains and losses are included in the Income Tax Savings Base. If the net sum is negative, the balance can be offset in future years.

For legal entities, the taxation of capital gains and losses will be subject to the provisions of Corporate Tax.


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Our investment funds

Merchfondo FI

Global investment, mostly equities.

Merch-Oportunidades FI

Global investment, mostly equities.

Merch-Eurounión FI

Balanced fund with an allocation in European equities between 30% and 75%.

Merch-Universal FI

Balanced fund with a maximum allocation in equities of 60%.

Merch-Fontemar FI

Balanced fund with a maximum allocation in equities of 25%.

Merchrenta FI

International fixed income fund.

Merchbanc Fondtesoro Corto Plazo FI

Monetary fund that invests mainly in short-term Spanish government bonds.

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