Why invest in Prisma SICAV Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, one of the world’s leading fund platforms

Prisma Sicav, since 1995, an optimal solution to invest from Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is one of the most influential global financial markets in the investment fund industry. Recognized worldwide for its high level of stability and solvency of its institutions and regulators, it has become 

a magnet and a quality seal for investors.

Investing from Luxembourg enables the investor to distribute contributions between Luxembourg funds and 

those of his or her country of residence.

Investing in Prisma SICAV Luxembourg comes with no permanence commitments or minimum amounts and offers almost immediate liquidity.

In turn, it makes Prisma Asset Management’s fund management available to investors. An expert, pioneering investment team, which has managed Prisma SICAV Luxembourg since 1995.

What is it and who can invest?

Prisma SICAV Luxembourg is accessible with no minimum investment amount.

Prisma SICAV Luxembourg is an open-ended investment company. Therefore, any investor can invest in Prisma SICAV through its funds.

Investors in funds under Prisma SICAV Luxembourg become shareholders. When a subscription is processed, a number of shares are issued to the new investor based on the net asset value of the fund on the date of the transaction, representing the

corresponding part of the fund.

The net asset value of each fund is calculated by dividing the value of the net assets by the number of shares outstanding.

Any individual or legal entity can invest in Prisma SICAV Luxembourg with the exception of US citizens limited by FATCA regulations.


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Taxation of Prisma SICAV Luxembourg

We facilitate your investments

The following information only applies for investors residing in Spain. Please contact your legal advisor.

Investors in a Luxembourg SICAV fund who reside in Spain, both individuals and legal entities, are subject to the same taxation as shareholders in Spanish mutual funds.

Individuals can make transfers from a Spanish mutual fund to a Luxembourg SICAV fund without incurring capital gains. 

They can also transfer from Prisma SICAV funds to other funds without incurring capital gains, if the SICAV fund has at least 500 shareholders and the investor does not 

own more than 5% of the assets of this fund.

With regards to Income Tax, investors residing in Spain do not pay tax until reimbursement, in which case they pay for the capital gains generated. For the calculation of the capital gains, the FIFO method is applied, in other words, the oldest shares are sold first.

Capital gains and losses are included in the Income Tax Savings Base.

If the net sum is negative, the balance can be offset in future years.

For legal entities, the taxation of capital gains and losses will be subject to the provisions of Corporate Tax.


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Our funds in Luxembourg

Prisma Global

Global investment, mostly equities. Denominated in euros.

Prisma Cube

Global investment, mostly equities. Denominated in euros.

Prisma 60

Balanced fund with a maximum allocation in equities of 60%. Denominated in euros.

Prisma 30

Balanced fund with a maximum allocation in equities of 30%. Denominated in euros.

Merchbanc Global USD

Global investment, mostly equities. Denominated in US dollars.

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