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Invest in Merchfondo FI

Global fund denominated in euros and managed according to the Prisma philosophy.

Invest in equities and bonds from any world market, mainly from OECD countries and therefore, in any currency. The allocation in equities and fixed income, as well as in currencies, is not limited.

The investment policy actively seeks long-term investment growth. The investor must consider his or her investment for the long term and assume the risk involved in the established investment policy. Past returns do not guarantee future returns.
Type of fund
Value Date
Net asset value
124.45 €
Return YTD
-6.66 %
Net assets
140,586,963 €
Inception Date
Cumulative Return
1,970.67 %

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Merchfondo FI

General Information

  • Currency


  • ISIN code


  • Minimum investment


  • Bloomberg code


  • Inception date


Distribution of Assets

  • Minimum Fixed Income / Liquidity

    No Limit

  • Maximum Equities

    No Limit


  • Management

    1.35 % on net assets
    9 % on performance if above 3-year high mark

  • Subscription

    No fee

  • Depositary

    0.08 % on net assets

  • Redemption

    No fee

  • Transfer

    No fee

Why invest in mutual funds?

An ideal investment alternative

Mutual funds offer almost immediate liquidity allowing the possibility of redeeming part or all of the investment made. This provides great flexibility when planning investment needs, adjusting to each individual’s personal circumstances.

Investing in mutual funds managed by Prisma Asset Management is an investment with no permanence commitments or minimum amounts. Our expert, pioneering investment team has managed Merchbanc's investment funds since their inception in 1987.

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