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Luxembourg, one of the world’s leading fund platforms

Funds in Spain

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Pension Funds

A commitment to saving

About us

Prisma is a fund management company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Our investment team has managed Merchbanc funds since their inception in 1987.

We are specialists in financial investments, 

managing mutual and pension funds in Luxembourg and Spain.

At Prisma, we follow an eclectic management methodology with a global approach and with proven results.

Who we are

Enlightening your future

Our experience, dedication and work culture are the prism that brings to light the best approach to each situation, enabling us to assess the information and detect opportunities that translate into the most appropriate investment decisions for our clients.

Our values


We believe in establishing strong relationships based on trust and we accompany clients so that they feel confident in their investment decisions.


We are rigorous, constant and prudent. We are driven by professionalism and investment innovation.


We believe in transparency and we act on our conviction: we only invest in companies that we have extensively analyzed and in whose future we believe.


Facilitatory and accessible, we are flexible and adapt to each client’s circumstances.